Melbourne Photography Collective Boosts Their Online Brand

An average website can hold your business back from being amazing. The Melbourne Photography Collective experienced first-hand how a website makeover boosts your business.

Although well established and highly regarded in the industry, the Melbourne Collective found they were needing a little more to start kicking goals. Fortunately, they found Web Marketing Angels to help grow their online brand!

Web Marketing Angels - Redesign & SEO - The Melbourne Collective

There’s so much more to being competitive than a great idea or a great business model. It’s an online world and clients increasingly use the internet to search, review and make decisions on which services they will engage. Unless your online presence captures their attention, they look elsewhere. The Melbourne Photography Collective knew this and asked us to revamp their website to increase their reach. The result is a beautiful, engaging Melbourne Photography Collective website that has already led to increased enquiries.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to ensure people are finding you when they need to. It’s a combination of great content, key words, well placed images and effective design. When it’s done well, it’s a powerful tool in increasing your business’ searchability. There are so many tips and tricks to getting the most out of SEO. An expert knows them all and makes it look easy.

Another important factor is the website speed and performance. WMA Web Design hosts on Australian services which provides faster website loading, which is just what your site needs. Fast, responsive sites provide a better experience for users, which means they spend more time on your website finding out about you and your business.

Having an effective online presence is important for any business. To get the full benefit you need a website that is easily found – with content and graphics engaging for your users. Like this Melbourne Collective website, if you want to see how amazing your business can be talk to Web Marketing Angels Web Design Melbourne about your own website makeover.