Melbourne Grease Traps, a part of the Pioneer Plastics brand, offers a broad range of services including grease traps, trade waste tanks, fume cupboards, and a wealth of additional customised plastic products.

Being centred around efficient, cutting-edge waste disposal and fume handling, Melbourne Grease Traps are helping make Melbourne warehouses, factories, laboratories, eateries, and more, safe, and reliable places to work.

The Melbourne Grease Traps website is large and comprehensive, with a number of pages detailing each service along with an About Us, Shop, Latest News, and Contact page. As the scope of the company is wide, the website was designed to split up each service into neat sections for simple, logical navigation. The Home page covers the basic Pioneer Plastics service and customer-based business approach bolstered by catchy animated graphics highlighting the number of successful Melbourne Grease Trap jobs alongside customer testimonies.

Melbourne Grease Traps - Website Redesign Melbourne

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Each individual page is dedicated to a single Pioneer Plastics service, providing an overview of what they are, how they work, and how you can purchase them. There are also images further showcasing the available products, helping to illustrate usage, purpose, and look. The website is also chock-full of contact information making it easy for interested parties to get in touch to discover more and make purchases. Each page has the Melbourne Grease Traps office location, phone number, email address, and office hours displayed facilitating seamless communication between the business and customers. Even the home page itself has a “Custom Quote” button linking to an easy-to-use message form, guaranteeing that all visitors have a method of contact that suits their preference.

The website was crafted with a no-frills, industrial look reflecting the business-to-business character of the brand. As much of the potential customer base will likely be busy managing their own companies, the professional, clear colour scheme and clear information blocks serve to exhibit the products and services in a logical, concise way. The online shop provides the added benefit of actually being able to view the products, giving visitors an idea of how they will look and benefit their operations.

The domain ‘Melbourne Grease Traps’ was selected as it is one of Pioneer Plastics’ most requested services. This was designed to boost search rankings, further augmented by a keyword-targeted, regularly updated blog and online shop. Because of this plethora of relevant information, search engines will view it favourably and increase its ranking.

With a clear-cut, broad base of information, comprehensive online catalogue, and wealth of blog posts, Melbourne Grease Traps will be key to the continued success of Pioneer Plastics and a safer, cleaner Melbourne!

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