A great Melbourne Granny Flat Website needs to be clear in what it is selling.


It needs to be honest and visual to show a potential client the lovely homes on the market. This Melbourne Granny Flat Website is a perfect example of a simple yet effective way of marketing beautiful homes. With its accessible features, all forms of clients can find what they’re looking for.

Premier Homes and Granny Flats was looking to showcase their huge variety of homes and granny flats through a constantly updating blog and with plenty of pictures.

The home page on this Melbourne Granny Flat Website opens on an image of one of the homes available. This showcases the cosy yet modern living spaces Premier Homes and Granny Flats has to offer. The Red, green and white colour schemes offers a friendly yet professional look to the page and matches the company logo.

The attractive scroll feature maintains a photo of display village in the background as a variety of information is offered. Contact details and times for their display village appears first, a showcase of sponsors and members that are associated with the business and quick links to the latest blogs. Along the top banner, the contact information is available again, and is clear against the green band.

On the top banner, there are also quick links included for homes or granny flats that range from 1-4 bedrooms. All a client has to do is click on the number of bedrooms they are looking for and is brought to a page of suggestions!

If a client is searching for a specific form of housing – granny flat, home or commercial space – there are additional links for those options too!

This Melbourne Granny Flat Website is of course mobile friendly and accessible on desktop and tablets too.


The ease of access on this website is simplistic and beautiful, whilst remaining true to the company’s standards. For a professional Melbourne Granny Flat Website that shows the world what you’re about, contact us at Web Marketing Angels!