Melbourne Business Branding – Kilsyth Outdoor Store

Melbourne Business Branding is the key to your digital marketing solutions.  Our recent client, Kilsyth Outdoor Store, is the perfect example.

For the Melbourne clients we help every day, we insist that they consider a unified business branding approach to all of their marketing.

There is so much more to this digital world than meets the eye. While some may think it is all about websites and social media, the reality is that it is built on a foundation of solid and thoughtful Melbourne business branding.

When the new Kilsyth Outdoor Store approached Web Marketing Angels to help with their grand opening, they showed foresight and good commercial instinct. We worked together from the very beginning to create a Melbourne business branding solution that considered target audience, the style preferences of those involved and the various media applications.

Melbourne Business Branding – Kilsyth Outdoor Store
Melbourne Business Branding – Kilsyth Outdoor Store

Kilsyth Outdoor Store is the premier 4×4 store in Melbourne’s eastern region. With a broad selection of parts and accessories available, as well as extensive knowledge, it should be any 4×4-lovers first stop.

Working from scratch with a new business was exciting. Getting to know the crew at Kilsyth Outdoor Store, discovering their goals and visions for the new company, is not something that we get to do every day!

Our client wanted to make the most of both digital and traditional marketing avenues, so their business brand had to work across all platforms. After collaborating with the client, we designed a logo that they loved – one that spoke the language of their audience and sent a clear message about who they are.

Once the logo was finalised, the next step was to apply it across different marketing platforms. The design and printing of business cards, signage and shopfront displays were all set in motion.

And of course, there was a digital marketing solution to establish! The new business brand carried through to their new website design and social media setup, including a Facebook cover picture.

When looking to refresh your digital marketing, it pays to not just look at your website or social marketing profiles in isolation. Web Marketing Angels can help with all your marketing needs, including business branding, signage and printing. Located in the busy southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, our service is convenient and exceptional.

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