Latest Work – PedalBox

Are you looking for a fresh new website design for your business, just like the latest work our team has cultivated for PedalBox?

Latest Work pedalbox

Latest Work – PedalBox

With a product like PedalBox, our team worked together to create a website that covered all the bases, while keeping it simple and easy to follow.

From installation instructions with illustrations and video links to including an expert opinion on the product itself, as well as a PedalBox guarantee and of course all the info on what to do with the app side of things.

We ensured this website included every necessary aspect to showcase PedalBox exactly as it is.

And yes, there’s even a frequently asked questions page, because there’s always a few extra things that need to be covered, just in case.


What is a Pedalbox?

Not sure exactly what PedalBox is?

Well simply put, it’s an additional control unit, with user-selectable programs designed to increase throttle response by removing delays in the accelerator.

Overall is enhances driving ability.

Want to know more about PedalBox and what the fuss is all about? Check it all out here:

With a mixture of select colours, text and the right images, our Web Marketing Angels team worked together to make this product come to life on the screen and grab the attention of those customers or even potential customers who are looking for this product or something like it.

When it comes to a building a website for your business, we can make it happen.

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Is it time for a website design for your business or a refresh for that website you’ve had for a few years?

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Latest Work pedalbox