Latest Website – Zhanel Bridal Couture

The new Zhanel Bridal Couture website represents everything that the Web Marketing Angels team loves about web design and digital marketing.

When we were approached by Melbourne-based Zhanel Bridal Couture to build their new website and establish a new digital marketing strategy, we jumped at the opportunity.

At first glance it might seem easy to create a stunning website when the subject matter is so beautiful, but that brings with it some extra challenges.  With the new Zhanel Bridal Couture site, we needed to make sure it did these gowns justice and clearly demonstrated their quality.

Zhanel Bridal Couture

The goal was to help the bridal gowns come alive on the screen, letting the dresses speak for themselves.  The best way to capture the gowns was to showcase using a quality header video.  With video, elements such as the lightness of the fabric, fluidity and movement can be seen by the viewer.

The website also includes an About page, illustrating owner Angela’s background and her focus when it comes to design.  There is also a larger than life Gallery page, showing how Zhanel Bridal Couture’s style is inspired by feminine elegance, bringing together the romantic qualities of yesteryear with modern elements.  Each gown is fitted perfectly for the individual bride, with signature corsetry and exceptional lace details.  There is also a Ready to Wear page and Contact Page with a form and map. 

Zhanel Bridal Couture

As with all website design packages, Web Marketing Angels includes expert advice and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).  After all, it is one thing to have a website that is visually exceptional, but another altogether for it to perform at its peak potential.  Good SEO helps the right prospective customers find your business as quickly and easily as possible.

For any business, the website is just one aspect of a total digital marketing strategy.  It is vital to boost a business’ online presence using key social media platforms.  In this case, Zhanel Bridal Couture is focussing on their Instagram and Facebook accounts, sharing these unique and beautiful designs with as many brides-to-be as they can!

Zhanel Bridal Couture

Do you have a product that can be better represented online with quality video, design and social media presence?  Contact the team at Web Marketing Angels for an obligation-free chat and quote.