Latest Website – ZacJac Surf

Check out our latest website redesign – ZacJac Surf – which resulted in a boost in traffic that far exceeded their expectations.

The ZacJac Surf website got a completely new look, as well as vastly improved functionality and an online store. The before and after images below certainly do tell a great makeover story!

The Web Marketing Angels team prides itself on not only producing visually appealing websites, but sites that run efficiently behind the scenes. There is nothing more disheartening than falling in love with a website design, only to find that it runs like an encumbered snail!

During the redesign of the ZacJac Surf website, the goal was to make sure it is as brilliant on the backend as it is in the design itself. So, a new theme, streamlined online shop and WordPress upgrades were on the to-do list.

As far as redesigns go, we love the logo, colour palette and layout. They particularly reflect ZacJac Surf’s connection to the water, and we believe that these choices result in a website that is appealing to people of all ages and surfie skill levels!

Before Redesign
ZacJac Surf Website
After Redesign
ZacJac Surf

In addition to the new online store, their website also features an About Us page, which tells the story of the company’s origins and highlights the owners’ passion for surfing. There is also a Home page, FAQ page and Contact form.

There has been a notable increase in organic traffic since the recent launch of the redesigned website – an exciting outcome that the owners of ZacJac Surf are looking forward to seeing improve steadily over the coming months and years, as they continue to build their online shop and digital presence.

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