new website Explore Driving School

Explore Driving School with Their New Website

There is nothing worse than clicking on a website, only for it to take 15 minutes for you to find what you are actually looking for.

Fortunately, the team at Explore Driving School recently scored a new website! – It has a killer design, is easy to use and has all the features you could possibly need.


Have a read of the guide below as we take you through this fantastic website.


It Needed to Be User-Friendly

Explore Driving School needed a site that was super simple to use but still had all the necessary features.

With a clear landing page and easy-to-find links and attractive formatting, potential customers could easily find what they were looking for.


It Had to Look Good

The first thing many of us notice with a website is how it looks.

And when it came to Explore Driving School, the site needed to be practical but also fun to use.

We love the simple colour palette, the links to social media and the amazing car buttons on the FAQ page.


Bookings Can Be Done Online

The thing with running a driving school is that most of your customers will be a bit younger….

Therefore, for Peter’s website, he needed a site where enquires and bookings could easily be made online.

In fact, as soon as you land on Explore Driving School, a booking feature is the first thing you see!


We love the inclusion of testimonials and pictures on this website.

It reflects positively on Peter’s business, gives the site a lovely personal touch and acknowledges the hard work of all his customers.

It is a huge achievement to pass your driving test but seeing the happy faces at the end of it is well worth it!

Are you looking to update your online presence?

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