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The team at Web Marketing Angels has recently constructed a new website for Carlton Performance Horses, artfully showcasing the elegance of stallions and the nature of horse-riding in their design!

By focusing on factors such as readability and accuracy, Web Marketing Angels has created an easy to navigate site, with clear company contact information front and centre to the user.

Their inclusion of an upcoming calendar feature is a brilliant way to show any visitor that the company is active and available to approach for services, and is displayed clearly for ease of use.


The website’s photographs have also been carefully selected by the design team to showcase the animals in action and highlight the successes of their training, including candid photos in appreciation of the relationships between the horses and the people who love them.

Taking centre-stage on the home-page of the website is a regal stallion, evoking thoughts of well-kept equestrian stables, housing these proud beasts so full of grace.


An important focal-point of the website is the collection of heart-warming testimonials, detailing the passion and dedication the team at Carlton Performance Horses have for their clients and horses.

Advertising the service of personalised programs developed to account for the individuality of each horse, the Carlton team is passionate about helping riders and their horses find synchronicity.

Clear and concise information regarding lesson and training options is provided to the reader, and contact information is prominently displayed should readers require any further clarification or inquiries.


Even the colour choices made throughout the website reminds visitors of leather and class, similar to a well-appointed equestrian stable and the jodhpur boots of the elegant riders.

The black of the logo banner and menu bar denotes the polished mastery of Carlton Performance Horses and clearly displays the navigation options needed to explore the site.


A respect for the tradition of horsemanship underpins the concept of the website, whilst the curation of the images expertly captures the brand and values of Carlton Performance Horses.

Overall, Web Marketing Angels have developed a crisp and professional website for Carlton Performance Horses, highlighting the dedication the trainers employ within their work, as well as capturing the love and respect they have for these majestic animals.

Carlton Performance Horses Homepage
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