Brando Streetwear has brought LA-styled streetwear to Australia with a new online clothing store.

Melbourne-based Brando Streetwear came to Web Marketing Angels with a vision – to share clothes with people all over Australia that are inspired by LA trends. They also have the bonus of being printed and distributed from Melbourne itself.

With a range of women’s, men’s, unisex, and children’s clothing, Brando Streetwear’s high-quality products appeal to people of all ages.

The marketing strategy began with a plan for a well-structured online store with great visual appeal and lots of features. The yellow and dark blue colour palette is professional and provides a brilliant contrast. Using these colours, our design team created this simple but effective logo, forming part of the branding for Brando Streetwear.

Business branding is a core part of any marketing strategy, and it is particularly true in digital marketing. In a world where you need to grab people’s attention online in a split second, having a strong and recognisable branding design should be the first thing on your list.

With the design basics complete, we set to work on creating this online clothing store. Images and content were next on the list. The process included a local fashion shoot with a professional photographer, audience-driven copywriting, product organisation, and website structure development.

The work that goes into an online store behind the scenes is far greater than many people realise. Categorising products, descriptions, adding payment and postage information, security, and design are just a few of the elements to consider.

The Brando Streetwear crew has launched their online shop and is now selling their clothing to happy customers all over Australia.

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