With a bold Kilsyth website design by Web Marketing Angels, Kilsyth Outdoor Store can help customers plan for their big adventures

Kilsyth Outdoor Store provides Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs with an extensive range of outdoor services and gear, including engine maintenance, tyres, batteries, diesel fuel kits, camping gear, hunting equipment, and much, much more. It’s essentially a one-stop-shop for lovers of outback adventures looking to get the latest top-tier stuff alongside expert advice from experienced and knowledgeable staff. 

The Kilsyth Outdoor Store website is presented in a simple brochure design briefly outlining service, products, contact information, and showroom location. As Kilsyth Outdoor Store is a service-based operation dealing with customisation and personalised requests, the website aims to showcase the nature of the business as a whole rather than specific products. Along with making it neat and easy-to-navigate, this design has the added benefit of being easy to manage, reducing the need for constant updating as products arrive or sell out.

Great branding begins with a great logo!

The design process itself began with a great new logo design. The client was offered a few different logo options, and they chose this fantastic logo to launch their brand.

Kilsyth Outdoor Store - Kilsyth Website Design

The dynamic brochure website was also crafted to look bold and sporty through large, striking text, a sporty logo, and dynamic visuals. However, it refrains from going overboard with this theme, balancing it with a light background, clean graphics, and simple yet pleasing green/black colour palette. Naturally, we wanted the website itself to reflect the outdoorsy products and services to reel in the target audience while still appealing to a wider range of people with similar interests.

As the Kilsyth website design primarily serves as an advertisement for Kilsyth Outdoor Store, the showroom location, phone number, and email address are also clearly displayed, making it a breeze for interested parties to contact and visit the store. There is also a “Book Appointment” option in the first section, adding a touch of personal care and demonstrating a willingness to meet specific needs. Naturally, SEO elements were also considered when building the website, to reach their target audience effectively.

Right on the doorstep of the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley, Kilsyth Outdoor Store is the perfect place to pick up some gear or finetune your 4×4 before setting out on an adventure. We’re certain that this website will lead to increased online and offline presence for Kilsyth Outdoor Store, eventually making it Melbourne’s go-to hub for outdoor enthusiasts!

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Kilsyth Outdoor Store - Website Design Kilsyth