Julie Byrne Celebrant

Web Marketing Angels is delighted to have been given the opportunity to design a bright, dynamic website for Julie Byrne, a marriage celebrant who hails from the Yarra Valley.

The Julie Byrne Celebrant website design perfectly reflects her bubbly, relaxed attitude. It features several vibrant colours and photographs of Julie, solo shots and pictures of her with satisfied couples.

In each small detail, from the carefully chosen fonts and complementary shades, to the way the banner at the top of the page minimises as you scroll through her content, you can see Julie’s influence and attention to detail represented.

A frequently asked questions page highlights exactly why Julie Byrne is a wedding celebrant suitable for many couples. At the click of a button, customers can find succinct, easily understandable answers to several questions which often leave newlyweds or engaged couples stumped. Likewise, the webpage offers downloadable forms for prospective customers to fill out, to simplify

The new, easy to navigate website also helps potential customers discover the range of services that Julie Bryant can provide. An ‘about me’ tab shows just how family-oriented, well educated and imperturbable Julie Bryant is, perfect for the any number of the many ceremonies she can perform for you. It advertises her wealth of experience and success in this field, showing how much her job means to her personally, and how much she invests in providing joy to others. Clear graphics further allow customers to understand how simple her process is, and how customisable; one’s ideas directly influence how their service will run.

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Julie Byrne