Jaguar Wedding Cars is the Melbourne website design for J.C. Jags, a family-owned business offering for-hire vintage Jaguar cars aimed at weddings and other events.

The J.C. Jags package includes a professional uniformed chauffeur, red carpet service, champagne drinks, and more. When we designed the Jaguar Wedding Cars website, the goal was to highlight the fun and thrill of being driven in such a terrific, one-of-a-kind vehicle. Each Jaguar car has been painstakingly restored to appear new while still retaining their sophisticated retro qualities. 

Jaguar Wedding Cars was designed to match the smooth, modest character of the classic vehicle with a simple white background, elegant logo, and easy navigation. This is all supported by the use of large, vivid images showcasing the Jaguar wedding cars alongside video and copy detailing each service. However, as vintage cars are all about visual impact, it was decided that rather than large explanations diving into the appeal, a collection of aesthetically-pleasing images and video would instead do the talking for us.

Jaguar Wedding Cars - Melbourne Website Design

Loads of info for website visitors…

Each Jaguar vehicle has its own individual page linked in the header, allowing customers to locate and browse through the range with ease. These straightforward, no-frills pages contain all the necessary information to learn about each car while scrolling through additional images. The footer also contains links to more pages, such as an About Us section explaining the company, a Partners page listing trusted resources including photography, video, and website design, and an extremely detailed FAQ page providing an in-depth explanation of each service. Collecting this essential information on an FAQ page separate from the main pages prevents casual visitors from being bombarded and overwhelmed while allowing interested parties to discover more without the trouble of contacting the company.

The website is SEO-friendly, with a keyword-targeted, regularly updated blog alongside a multitude of backlinks and tags. The “Latest Work” blog page showcases real-life weddings using J.C. Jags Jaguar wedding cars illustrating the service in action The blogs cover a number of famous Melbourne wedding venues, further boosting search engine rankings through connections to other popular locations and keywords.

Overall, Jaguar Wedding Cars is a smooth, user-friendly, and highly informative website boasting fantastic SEO, delightful images, and more.

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