Internet Domain List Explained

Before you choose your business’ online address from the Internet Domain List, just remember that not all domains are created equal.

This is an Internet Domain List of the top-level domains – and what you need to know to make sure you pick the right one to secure business success.

Internet Domain List Explained

A domain is what people will use to search for you online. It’s effectively the address for your website and while you can have a domain without a website, you cannot set up a website unless you have a domain. Browsing the Internet Domain List is a great starting point, but the right research and advice will be the key to choosing the most appropriate name.

Although .com has become synonymous with an online presence, in fact it’s not always the best option. Each country has a specific top-level domain. Many of these are easy to discern from the name of the relevant country. Australia is .au, America is .us and New Zealand is .nz. For most Australian businesses, it actually makes sense to purchase over straight .com as it is more effective for local search engine optimisation. This means that it’s easier for people to search and find your information online.

When deciding on a domain name for your business, a unique, catchy name should be your aim. Something that is easy for people to remember and to spell, will boost customer’s ability to access your goods and services. Before you become too attached to a certain domain name there are some restrictions you should know about. In order to obtain a domain, your business will require a registered ABN or ACN.  A domain name including is available only for non-commercial enterprises. Charities, political parties and sporting clubs for example, will qualify.

Choosing the right domain name for your business is essential to maximise branding and marketing capabilities. For more information on the Internet Domain List or if you want to register a domain name, talk to us at Web Marketing Angels. We can help you navigate the options, choose the right domain and set it all up, making it easier for you to reach your business goals.