How to Stop Spam and Junk Mail in your Emails

Emails are great for exchanging information, work related tasks and keeping in touch with people – although your inbox can become overruled with spam and junk mail. Web Marketing Angels have compiled some tips on how to help stop spam and junk mail becoming a nuisance for your inbox.

With the amount of emails that we receive daily, the chance of getting spam and junk emails is high. Knowing how to help stop spam and junk mail is crucial in making sure your personal information is safe, and your computer doesn’t contract viruses.

Spammers have a variety of ways to reach your inbox, and there are many reasons why you could be receiving spam and junk mail. If you sign up to newsletters for online stores or companies you can receive unwanted mail. Filling out forms with your information or taking part in online surveys can also result in receiving these emails. Even if you open one spam email, it could leave your inbox vulnerable to many more.

How to Stop Spam
How to Stop Spam

Here are some ways to help stop spam and junk mail:

  • Don’t open any spam or junk mail
  • Don’t reply to any spam or junk mail
  • Do not make purchases from a spammer
  • Block spam and junk email addresses
  • Report spam emails as it helps filters identify spam emails
  • Avoid clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ option, as this proves that your email is active and will open you up to more spam
  • Create a disposable email address that you can use to subscribe to newsletters and use while online shopping
  • Don’t give your email address to just anyone online
  • Make your email address private on social media accounts
  • Practice munging – when writing your email address, write ‘ab at c dot com’ instead of ‘’
  • Install third party anti-spam software for extra security

Web Marketing Angels take anti-spam seriously, and their serves have anti-spam measures in place. Our software is constantly being updating to try and stop the spam emails even before they reach your inbox.

Have any questions about to you can stop spam and junk mail, feel free to get in contact via our contact us page or through our socials.

How to Stop Spam