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Have a Look at Hosting – What You Should Know

When people look at a website, they often don’t realise the importance of everything going on behind-the-scenes.

We encourage you to have a look at hosting more closely and why the right choice is critical to your website’s success.

At Web Marketing Angels, we know how vital it is to manage your website’s hosting well, providing a quality service that our clients can trust. We’d like to say that all servers have the same level of specifications, but if you have a look at the various hosting options out there, the variances begin to stand out.

After all, there is hosting, then there is hosting. The gap between different hosting services and servers can be vast. So, what are some of the traps and pitfalls you need to look out for. Let’s have a look!

Email Hosting

Ok, so email management is a much bigger deal than most people realise. There are some important questions to ask – are the emails stored on the hosting company’s server, or do they outsource to an overseas provider. You might be surprised to find that some hosting companies simply act as the middleman between the big players – like Go Daddy – and their clients.

Unfortunately, this can pose a multitude of problems. There have been reports of businesses losing all of their emails, without the hosting company being able to provide any backups, as soon as they move their website to a new provider. The reason? They don’t actually manage the emails themselves!

Check the fine print before you sign up for some of these seemingly wonderful offers and services. It’s all in the fine print!

Have a look at Backups and redundancies

Some insightful questions to ask your website hosting company are

  • What types of backup systems are in place for your website.
  • How often your website is backed up.
  • How long are your back ups stored for
  • Where are they stored – in Australia or overseas?

If they can’t give you answers that you are happy with, steer clear of their service.

Website Design services that make you do all the work

This one is a big red flag for us. At Web Marketing Angels, when we provide a service, we are committed to providing that service in its entirety. Of course, we’ll need information and images from you, but we never ask you to do any of the heavy lifting, like preparing web-ready images. We also have copywriting services if you’re not keen on providing your own content.

If a design company simply coordinates the publication of your website without doing all of the important, SEO-critical stuff, it’s time to find a new design company.


Don’t get caught out with the most important marketing asset your business has. Make sure you choose wisely when it comes to hosting. Contact the team at Web Marketing Angels to have a look at our hosting and web design services.

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