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Handy sites for Checking Email Security

Our email accounts contain lots of sensitive information that we don’t want others seeing which is why it is important we are checking email security often.


All too often we have been told stories of businesses having a data breach which resulted in millions of users’ information being exposed to hackers.

What if I said that checking email security could prevent this from happening to you?

The first step to checking email security is making sure that your email and accounts are secure.

Nearly 65% of large companies have more than 500 employees which never changed their passwords.

These passwords are often recycled across different services and would put almost every account you owned by that person in jeopardy if it was uncovered by somebody else.

checking email security


Bitwarden is a useful tool which can be used to generate unique and secure passwords for each of your accounts which can be used across all of your devices.

Sometimes you may encounter an email that looks like it is coming from a reputable source but something about it seems strange to you.

You may notice that the email address is different from their normal one or the design is drastically different from their usual emails.


Email Scams

This could be a case of Email Phishing and makes up 91% of cyber attacks against large businesses.

This is where a hacker attempts to disguise themselves as another person or organisation in order to steal information from their victims.

The best response to receiving such an email is to immediately block and delete it while not clicking on any links.

If an email seems like it could be legitimate but you aren’t certain, the Verifalia Email Validation tool is all you need for checking email security before taking action.

Enter the email address of the sender into their website and it will put it through a series of tests to let you know whether it is or isn’t all an act.

Keeping your data safe and protected from nefarious individuals is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your business.

Making sure that you are regularly checking email security is one of the best ways of keeping your information out of the hands of anybody trying to take it.


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