We have been working with the fabulous Emaya Hair Salon in Ferntree Gully for a few years now, and it was time for a fresh and exciting hairdressing website redesign.

Located at the Foothills of the Dandenongs, the team at Emaya is a talented group of colour and hair styling specialists.  They love to make everyone feel special!

.Emaya Hair Salon is a stunning beauty haven that is teeming with elegance and warmth.  So they needed a hairdressing website redesign to match.  The colour scheme and design elements of the site are reflective of the rich, textured décor in the salon itself.

As for content, we kept it simple – the focus is on delivering clear information and illustrative images that help people connect with Emaya as a potential hairdresser.  With so many choices for people to make, taking any complications or barriers out of the decision-making process is critical when engaging your target audience.

To help deliver the content in a clear and structured way, we created main pages for Services, Hair Care Products and a Gallery, along with About and Contact pages.  In addition, we created pages that defined some of their main hairdressing techniques such as Foils, Balayage and Keratin Smoothing.

If you ask the public, many people will say that the inclusion of service pricing can be a key deciding factor in contacting a hair salon.  With so many sites to go through when looking for services, having the pricing accessible on your website projects a sense of transparency and trustworthiness that can tip the scales in your favour.

Of course, we love Emaya’s new hairdressing website redesign as much as they do.  If your website is craving a redesign, Web Marketing Angels can help. Contact us today for a fresh, new digital profile that will attract the attention your business deserves.

Hairdressing Website Redesign