Gun and Outdoor Shop

This past 1st of July was the grand opening of Gun and Outdoor Shop. With a Grand Opening Event Promotion plan, scheduled and designed by Web Marketing Angels, the opening was a huge success!

This grand opening was a great opportunity for the owners at TJM Kilsyth to showcase their brand-new branch of business with a public event.

A public event is a great way to get customers involved with your business face-to-face. The grand opening at Gun and Outdoor Shop in Kilsyth brought gun-lovers and outdoor fanatics alike together to celebrate and browse the extensive range of products available. The opening brought in quite a crowd full of potential customers and was a great first impression for Gun and Outdoor Shop.

There were competitions, prizes and sale promotions which all the customers enjoyed, including a chance to win a gift vouchers, a chance to win products and gear, product discounts and more!  These promotions were advertised on the Gun and Outdoor Shop Facebook page progressively weeks prior to give potential customers notice and to build excitement! Having promotions along with the public opening generated a good reputation – which is key to a business, especially with the first impression.

Grand Opening Event Promotion

When it comes to grand openings of stores, a sure-fire way to gain attention and bring in customers is to have a solid strategy when it comes to Grand Opening Event Promotion. Here at Web Marketing Angels, we work with you and your business to develop a thorough and well-designed event promotion plan to gain exposure and bring your target market to your event.

Gun and Outdoor Shop

With on-going social media management and promotion through social media, the Gun and Outdoor Shop opening gained great traction and a good crowd. Grand Opening Event Promotion requires a lot of communication with the business, work with multiple platforms of social media and of course, non-stop promotion!

For your Grand Opening Event Promotion needs or other event promotions, contact us at Web Marketing Angels!