Google de-indexes Wix websites

Google has been dropping Wix websites from it’s search engine indexing, leaving businesses and users out of Google’s search options.

Users of Wix websites, the popular do-it-yourself website builder tool, have been noticing a drop in their traffic recently and not having their website appear in Google search queries. Eric Kuan from Google has said that the “issue is a related issue with many other Wix users.” It appears that Google has started to penalise Wix wesbites – though these websites are quick to build for those looking to get their businesses online quickly, they aren’t always the best way to effectively get your business reaching it’s intended audience and maximum reach.

Wix website users have been encountering this problem for years now as noted on their help pages – they have been asking for support since 2011!

“WIX DROPPING GOOGLE RANKINGS? Our site is not found in our keyword listings anymore – what happened?”

For any Wix website users who are worried about the loss of traffic and potential customers now may be the time to have a new online solution for your business.

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