The team at Goldstar Wedding Car Hire specialises in transport with their restored pink 1959 vintage Cadillacs, and this web design Melbourne shows off their vehicles perfectly.

The cars offered by Goldstar Wedding Car Hire are ideal for events like weddings, debutante balls, promotions, formals, birthdays, and more. The eye-catching exterior makes them distinct from their competitors, attracting those desiring the combination of both flashiness and classiness.

With two different vehicles available – a 2 door coupe and 4 door sedan – along with a professional chauffeur, red carpet service, refreshments, and more, Goldstar Wedding Car Hire is a popular Melbourne transport hire company. 

The Goldstar Wedding Car Hire website presents this service through a catchy, elegant design and colour palette created in the image of the Cadillacs themselves. As they are the most important element of the business, lots of detailed, high-quality images were also added to accurately illustrate their appeal. Further inspired by the Cadillac emblem, the logo is equally chic and serves to sum up the character of the business. Most of the important information is also contained on the Home page, making the website remarkably easy to navigate. This includes a service overview, company introduction, testimonials, vehicle showcase, booking form, and appealing graphics showcasing the kind of events the service is suited towards.

Goldstar Wedding Car Hire - Web Design Melbourne

There are also four additional links in the top header, with three of them being HTML links to sections on the Home page. “What To Expect” links to the business and service introduction, “Wedding Moments” links to a gallery of authentic photos displaying the Cadillacs at real weddings, and “Contact Us” links to the contact form at the bottom of the Home page. There is also a “Latest News” section on a separate page hosting regularly updated SEO-oriented blogs allowing visitors authentic insight into the service through real life examples.

The custom contact form is also particularly noteworthy, as it allows visitors to enter a broad range of information to ensure smooth, efficient communication with Goldstar Wedding Car Hire. This includes desired booking dates, times, and hours along with function type, locations, and more. Visitors can also select how they would like to further communicate with the company and are able to add additional details or questions via a comment box at the bottom of the form. This provides Goldstar Wedding Car Hire with everything they need to instantly begin preparation without a lengthy back-and-forth.

Goldstar Wedding Car Hire’s fancy pink Cadillacs finally have the online platform they were after. And with loads of tantalizing details arranged in an easily digestible format bolstered by a super-efficient booking system, adding a splash of pink to your wedding is as simple as ABC!

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Goldstar Wedding Car Hire - Melbourne Web Design
Goldstar Wedding Car Hire - Website Design Melbourne