Contrary to popular belief, starting up a website takes a lot of work.

The market for Narre Warren web marketing is booming as many local Victorians are wanting to put themselves out there. So here at Web Marketing Angels, we have gathered some handy hints and tips to getting the best result for your website!


narre warren web marketing


1. Aim for the Right Market


Whatever service or product you decide to offer your online customers, you must first establish whether there’s a need for it. If there is, you’ll have to work on a strategy to get your product our there to be seen by your target audience – and have your product or service top your competitors.

It’s been proven time and again that small is big. The small or niche market has been responsible for many people making a nice profit from the Internet. Some small markets can number well over a million potential customers. For example, just 5% of a market this size, each buying a product with a $10 profit margin, could return $500,000 in profits!

Some niche markets from today’s world include:

·         Money Management – our current economy has more and more people (especially millennials) on the lookout for management tips and advice.

·         Organic/Green Living – people are looking to eat healthy and save money so this is a good place to get a foot in the door.

·         Technology for Easy Living – apps or software designed to make your day easier is on the rise. Great examples of success stories in this market are Period Calendar apps for women, Recipe Search with Ingredient You Have websites and Accounting apps.

So make sure you select a market through Narre Warren web marketing that appeals to the locals and is in style!


narre warren web marketing


2. Should I sell my services, products or someone else’s products?



In selling your services, you must first determine whether a market exists for your services. You’ll need to do some research and look at similar services being offered. Take a good look at the existing competition and look at the quality of their work. Could you do it better? What prices are they charging? Could you do it cheaper? If you can effectively do either of these you’re on your way to building online wealth through Narre Warren web marketing.


As with selling a service, look at similar products then decide whether there’s room for another player. All products will have to be sold through a website, from which an order can be taken and a payment can be processed. If you have the knowledge and necessary skills, you can easily build the website yourself. Otherwise you will have to pay a professional to set up shopping carts, and design pages and product descriptions.

A tangible product is something that can be held in the hand, therefore it will also need to be packed and shipped. Processing orders is very time consuming, but more importantly you may have to keep inventory, which can be very expensive plus you’ll need to find storage space.

Existing Products

An alternative is to sell virtual products. These include downloadable e-books, videos and information products. You’ll still need a website with ordering and credit card processing facilities, but you will not need to keep any inventory and it won’t take up any space (except on your computer’s hard drive).

Then, there is affiliate marketing. You simply find some existing products, and sign up for their affiliate program. This is straight-forward process. You complete an online application form and the host company will also track your sales and pay you commissions. All you do is sell their products.

It’s good to focus on a few related items first e.g. e-books on a similar subject. With careful consideration and clever marketing, affiliate programs can be the perfect way of making money through Narre Warren web marketing.


narre warren web marketing


3. What Should My Website Look Like?


A good business is nothing without it’s looks. The location, advertisements and uniforms (if needed) could all be designed and looking great but without a proper website in this day and age, your business could suffer.

Today, a business is generally designed around the website, and not the other way around, as it was in the past. Key factors for Narre Warren web marketing through websites include:

Captivating Colours

Blues, greens and purples are generally calm and trustworthy, whilst reds, oranges and yellows are loud, happy and striking.

Colours also subconsciously make you feel a certain way. Ever wonder why a lot of food chains have logos in reds and oranges? It’s because these colours tend to make you excited and willing to try things. Plus, orange apparently makes you hungry!

Think of what you want to portray and work with colours that reflect that accordingly.

Ease of Access

Links that are up front and accessible are what customers look for. If the contact information or the product list takes 20 clicks and answering a riddle to find, it will be deemed unworthy for further investigation.

If the whole website is designed in a way that makes all the relevant information sit up front and centre in bright and obvious colours then your customers will likely compare the ease of navigation to how easy your business is to work with.

Testimonials and Communication

What better way to boost your business than through word of mouth? The more positive opinions exhibited on your website, the more trust you’ll gain for future business. These testimonials can transfer from your website to your social media and vice versa, as customers tend to leave feedback on many platforms.

With testimonials, comes communication. Communication should be a priority for any business and through feedback on Facebook, Instagram or Google + you can reply to customers directly and promote further services and products.



4. Socialize


As per the last tip, social media platforms are now the number one way to get your business out there.

Almost every online business has links available on their websites to all their social media pages. Not to mention, their social media pages reflect the style, colour and logos available on the main website.  Some businesses however, opt to work from a social media platform. Facebook now can offer goods and services on Facebook business pages.



5. Find a Specialist


Lastly, if you’re struggling to pull together your business online, why not find a professional? Here at Web Marketing Angels we offer premium services including web design, marketing for your business online through social media, and SEO copywriting for your content and blogs.

Contact us today for your Narre Warren web marketing needs and get the best results!