Powerful branding is crucial to the success of a business. If yours needs an overhaul then this Guide to Rebranding Your Business is for you.

Although it can seem like a lot of work, a Guide to Rebranding Your Business is just series of steps that, if well executed, can result in a fresh, new image ready to engage customers and generate profits. Let Web Marketing Angels help you when you are ready to take your business to the next level.

The option to rebrand a business can be prompted by a variety of factors. Perhaps there’s a change of ownership, a new growth direction or just the need to become updated and competitive. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make your new brand relevant and memorable. This Guide to Rebranding Your Business helps you make the change smoothly and effectively.

Web Marketing Angels - Essential Guide to Rebranding Your Business

Planning & Prep

The key to the success of launching a rebrand lies in the preparation and planning. Create a timeline and budget and then transfer this into an easy to track format, such as a spread sheet. This will let you plot your progress and ensure nothing is missed as you move forward. Delegate and communicate to staff and other stakeholders exactly what their specific tasks are in the rebrand process.

Once you are confident the ball is rolling along nicely, formally announce your intention to rebrand your business. Make it an exciting and positive message, and if you provide a set date for rebrand, make sure you can meet it.

Online & Administrative Tasks

Start working through your checklist. ‘To do’ items can be roughly separated into online and administrative tasks. Social media accounts, email signatures, website and online directories will all need to be edited to reflect the new image. Assets and administrative materials such as business cards, letterheads, signage and all internal templates will require adjusting. Physically check off items so things don’t get missed or done twice.

The decision to rebrand a company is a significant one, so you need to ensure it’s done well. Using this Guide to Rebranding Your Business shows you how to maximise the benefits while avoiding errors. Talk to the team at Web Marketing Angels to help make your rebrand a success, from logo design to updating your website and printing materials.