Essendon Plantation Shutters are another segment of Solomons Flooring focusing on plantation shutters for residential homes and more.

Plantation shutters can be used in all kinds of rooms, including bedrooms, home offices, lounge rooms, bathrooms, and more. Their website design Essendon clearly shows how they make a great alternative to conventional blinds and curtains that are easy to clean, maintain, and never go out of fashion.

The Essendon Plantation Shutters website was designed to be compact and straightforward, with the bulk of information all concentrated on a streamlined home page. This is bolstered by lots of bright, detailed images showcasing each product in use to give customers an idea of how they will look in their home along with an overview of what makes the business so special, such as the top-quality material, customisation options, and environmentally friendly attributes. 

Essendon Plantation Shutters - Brochure Website Design

The website design Essendon also has a Contact page for Essendon Plantation Shutters, which includes the showroom address, email, and phone number, allowing potential customers multiple ways to find out more and purchase Essendon Plantation Shutters products. There is also a Latest Plantation Shutter Offers page displaying current Solomons Flooring shutter deals, further incentivising customers through hip-pocket appeals.

Consistency with branding is important!

To further brand consistency, the website header links to the additional Solomons Flooring brands “Carpet” and “Flooring,” forming an interconnected base which customers can jump between to furnish their home without leaving the Solomons Flooring sphere. Each domain, including Essendon Plantation Shutters, has been designed under a shared aesthetic, emanating a sense of brand unity without overwhelming customers through the broad, extensive range of products on offer. In addition, having separate domains each targeting a specific and relevant keyword boosts SEO-friendliness and Solomons Flooring search engine rankings.

All in all, Essendon Plantation Shutters was designed as a hub for the plantation shutters brand of Solomons Flooring while encouraging customers to check out the other websites and services and use Solomons Flooring for both their shutters, flooring, and carpeting needs!

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