The Essendon Carpet website is a clear-cut Essendon website design with onsistent branding.

Essendon Carpets is part of Solomons Flooring, a business specialising in a wide assortment of flooring solutions and more. And Web Marketing Angels helped them out with a North Melbourne website design.

The new Essendon Carpets website focuses on the Solomons Flooring carpeting brand, expanding the reach of the company and increasing its search rankings.

Essendon Carpets offers a stellar catalogue of carpeting solutions, including a wide range of carpets in various colours and designs made from wool, polyester, and dyed nylon, all of which are succinctly outlined on the website. The website header also includes links to the additional Solomons Flooring brands “Essendon Flooring” and “Essendon Plantation Shutters,” which are all similarly designed to be consistent with the overall branding.

Essendon Carpets - Essendon Website Design

Specific, audience-driven SEO…

Rather than having all three Solomons Flooring product types crammed together on a single domain, three individual and interlinking websites were built to classify and serve each brand under its own umbrella, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the right product. In addition, the name “Essendon Carpets” is SEO-friendly, helping with ranking on searches from those in Essendon or surrounding localities seeking carpets.

The North Melbourne website design boasts a clean, clear-cut design featuring detailed product images and descriptions, as well as links for additional information. Being uncomplicated and easy to navigate, it was designed to prevent users from feeling overwhelmed by an over-abundance of options and pages.

Instead, it seeks to neatly showcase the Essendon Carpets range through high-quality images accompanied by copy outlining the benefits of each product. On the “Carpet Range” page, carpet textures and designs are illustrated alongside links to individual carpet pages going into further detail. Through this, visitors can easily gauge the characteristics of each carpet and find one that suits them without having to visit the showroom itself.


Overall, Essendon Carpets is a simple, well-defined North Melbourne website design serving to promote the carpeting brand of the fantastic Solomons Flooring business. Being consistent with other brands, Essendon Carpets serves to boost Solomons Flooring search rankings while establishing it as Essendon’s go-to carpeting hub!

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