Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy but having an Eltham Funeral Venue like Ballara Receptions can help make the day you celebrate their life run smoothly.

The design for Ballara Receptions’ Eltham Funeral Venue website is consistent with the Ballara Receptions brand but focusses on their dedication to helping the families and friends through bereavement.

Behind this venue is a wonderful team of service-driven people, and while Ballara Receptions is more widely known as an exceptional wedding venue, they also provide a beautiful space to help make the celebration of someone’s life everything they deserve and more.

The Web Marketing Angels team helped Ballara Receptions secure the domain, which is a highly effective SEO tool. We then built their Yarra Valley website design, a brochure website that is complete with information to help people make some of the most important decisions they’ll ever need to make.

Eltham Funeral Venue - Yarra Valley Website Design

There is a simple enquiry button and phone number at the top of the page for quick access to contact details, and the header menu has links to each section of information, beginning with The Setting (which describes the grounds) and The Service. The site also has sections highlighting the Celebration locations (choose from The Foyer or the Main Room), Refreshments (with a variety of menu options), and a Contact Us section. Finally, there is a list of Funeral Directors that Ballara Receptions recommends, complete with contact information and website links.

Images were chosen and content was written that reflect the sensitive nature of the topic, and all content is intended to be supportive and informative for those who visit the website seeking a beautiful venue to celebrate the life of their loved ones.

Creating a separate Eltham Funeral Venue website that is separate from Ballara Receptions’ main wedding-focussed website shows just how respectful and empathetic they are.

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Eltham Funeral Venue Ballara Receptions - Website Design Yarra Valley