It seems there are a few common themes running through our portfolio at Web Marketing Angels.  You all probably know by now how much we love animals.  So a dog breeder website design project is right up our alley!

Who doesn’t love looking at pictures of adorable puppies? And while working on Cryogenes’ dog breeder website design, we got to look at lots of puppy pictures!

Cryogenes provides a very valuable and niche service to dog breeders all over the world.  They are experts in the collection and transportation of frozen canine semen for breeders in all corners of the globe.

Cryogenes helps breeders with importing and exporting, dealing with veterinarians, certificates, regulations and compliance.  They needed a professional and highly informative website to instil a sense of confidence in their existing and prospective clients.  Trust in this industry is paramount – their clients invest a lot of time, heart and money into breeding amazing dogs.

With a professional logo, gentle colour scheme and design, the hero of this dog breeder website design had to be the gorgeous pups!  We couldn’t go wrong with photos of puppies.

Information is key for the success of this website – and the information provided is detailed, yet clear and easy to understand.

With so much information, maintaining clarity comes from breaking it down into relevant, distinct categories and pages – About, Imports, Exports, Links to industry contacts, Services, Latest News and a Contact Page.

And did we mention how much we love puppies?

If you have a lot of critical information to deliver to your audience, you can trust the team at Web Marketing Angels to help you do it clearly, professionally and with finesse.  Contact us today for an obligation free quote.

Dog Breeder Website Design