Dedicated Server Hosting

Web Marketing Angels can provide you with Dedicated Server Hosting for faster, more responsive websites.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting Packages have the following benefits:

  • Increased reliability and up time
  • Increased speed of your website – 8 x faster than a shared server
  • Never have to worry about what other websites that are on a shared server may be doing to slow down website response times.
  • Locally hosted in Australia

On a shared server, you don’t have control over sever-wide traffic, which can slow your website to a crawl. A dedicated server such as ours can turn website reliability into one of your site’s strengths.

  • Customisation
  • Switch to a dedicated server and you’ll see a world of difference
  • Introduce better feeds, implement new software, and take your website management to the next level


Dedicated Server Hosting from Web Marketing Angels

Web Marketing Angels - Dedicated Server Hosting

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