We’ve given Curtain Craft a digital makeover with the launch of their brand-new Southeast Melbourne website design! Simple, sleek, and stylish, the website was crafted to provide a smooth user experience and allow shoppers to browse with ease. 

Curtain Craft is a window covering specialist servicing Southeast Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, and Warragul with a stellar range including drapes, pelmets, swags, roman, sunscreen, shutters, venetians, blinds, and more. Their service also includes personalised, in-home consultations to help find the right fit along with comprehensive after sales support. They also offer several specialised services, including curtain cleaning guidance and fabric treatments along with professional cleaning using an environmentally friendly, non-toxic solution. They also deal in commercial curtains for facilities like shops, offices, hotels, retirement homes, schools, and medical centres. 

The new Curtain Craft website boasts detailed information and pictures highlighting each of these services, providing an overview of what you can expect. Each main curtain and window covering also has its own special page, allowing you to thoroughly visualize them and discover their characteristics and benefits. The About Us section provides an overview of Curtain Craft, detailing its history and business model. Here there are also links to the Curtain Craft Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can see many of their products and services in action. The Contact Us section offers customers a myriad of different ways to get in touch with Curtain Craft, allowing you to choose a communication method that suits you. This includes a contact form, email address, phone number, Facebook page, and mail address. We felt this was extremely important, as many are too busy to call and prefer email while others want to jump straight in and talk to someone directly. Many websites don’t offer such a broad range, leading some to turn away and find another business.

Curtain Craft Melbourne - Southeast Melbourne Website Design

The website layout and design is clean and crisp, with a clear white background and soft blue header to highlight the images while presenting the information in an easy-to-read format. The logo is stylish and aesthetically pleasing, with its colourful, minimalist curtain graphic cleverly summarising the business. All images are rendered in high resolution and are clear and precise, an unquestionably important benefit when browsing through home decor online. All in all, this new website is a one-stop-shop for those seeking new curtains to search and discover the right style for them. 

With refreshing ease-of-use and an abundance of well-organised, helpful information, we have no doubt that Curtain Craft will soon become eastern Melbourne’s premier curtain supplier! 

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