How do we create a logo?

Logos represent you to your ever-evolving audience, but creating a logo isn’t always so easy.

When you think of a business, the first thing that comes to mind is usually their logo. Think of Coles, Dominos and McDonalds: these different brands have strong, lasting impressions because their logos are memorable and easily recognisable. It’s near impossible to mistake a McDonald’s logo for a KFC one! These businesses have the added advantage of being established brands. For more modern businesses, think of Google, or the popular short-format video app, TikTok. The logos for these apps are easily recognisable on your mobile device, tablet or browser because of their distinctiveness and contemporary style. Logos aren’t just meant to signpost your business to yourself; an effective logo optimises your business, increase customer retention and reduce customer churn.

However, creating a logo isn’t as easy as putting text on top of an image and calling it a day.

Creating A Logo with Web Marketing Angels

Understanding your business is key to creating your logo.

There are multiple facets to logo design. Colour schemes are essential, as well as brand identity basics, like consistent typography, style and tone of voice. You need to know your brand identity to be able to apply the right colours, fonts and images on a logo. Additionally, your mechandise, your shop front, and most importantly, your website feature your logo.

Creating a logo also involves understanding your business to its core. Can it be visually summarised by a big yellow M? Maybe a red-and-blue domino? Or can it simply be a ‘G’ with multiple colours?

Web Marketing Angels has worked on countless logo designs for businesses all over Australia. We have the skills and expertise to modernise your existing visual imprint on the market. Our approach puts your style at the forefront. We consult with you and fit our branding and design to your specific sense of style. Work with us today and learn more about what we can do for your corporate branding and logo needs.

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