Create Consultancy asked Web Marketing Angels for a sleek Hospitality Website Design to support Australian eateries.

Create Consultancy is a business specialising in assisting new restaurant/café/eatery owners with successful openings alongside devising and implementing strategies for struggling operations.

Their service is achieved through the creation of new restaurant concepts, objective analysis, marketing strategies, menu development, business advice, development support, and more. The aim of Create Consultancy is to ensure that businesses have what it takes to survive in the competitive food and beverage service industry and have someone to turn to for help if things don’t go as planned.

Create Consultancy - Hospitality Website Design

We have recently unveiled a brand-new hospitality website design to support Create Consultancy in their endeavours. Providing a clear and concise outline of their services and business, the website features dark, stylish, and moody tones to project an aura of B2B professionality bolstered by clear, high-resolution images to illustrate each service.

Simple, Beautiful, Informative…

While some prefer their websites to be as detailed as possible, we instead opted to make the Create Consultancy website simple and straightforward. This avoids the risk of overwhelming potential clients with a bombardment of intricate details, preventing viewers from becoming put off by bulky text and numerous links and instead welcoming them through an appealing layout, smart design, and clear-cut, essential information.

The About Us section of the website showcases a brief profile of managing director Theo Tzavaras, giving a face to Create Consultancy and demonstrating it as a personalised service. The Services page is significantly larger than the About Us page, however, it remains clearly laid out and comprehensible, opting for an easy-to-read overview split into each facet of Create Consultancy rather than a detailed analysis.

If a client determines that Create Consultancy is for them, the Contact Us page has a form to fill out to get in touch. Having a contact form cuts out the need to copy and paste an email address into their own email service, which takes additional time and can lead to mistakes.

The website is also SEO-optimised, with popular targeted keywords and questions appearing throughout alongside the respective service that aims to solve these issues. The simple, straight-to-the-point sentences also allow skim-reading without missing any vital content – a very important aspect when considering the short attention span of the modern digital world.

Efficient, trendy, and smart – that’s the kind of image that Create Consultancy projects. We designed their new website with all this in mind, which will undoubtedly serve as an essential hub for hospitality businesses to access the help they need.

If you’re looking for a new website design for your hospitality business – or any industry for that matter – contact Web Marketing Angels.


Create Consultancy - Melbourne Website Design