What does it mean to ‘claim a website’ and why it is beneficial in digital marketing?

Claiming a website is the first step in efficient digital marketing but what does it mean? Why is it important and how does it benefit digital marketing?

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How do I claim a website

To ‘claim a website’ is to register a domain name.

Register a domain name, you will need to purchase a subscription to use the domain name from a domain name registrar.

You can register a domain name as long as it is not currently registered by anyone else, and this will be important to remember when we talk about digital marketing.

The first step is to choose a name for your website.

Your domain name should make it clear what you do or who you are, it is not a time to get overly creative and whimsical. Make it memorable and easy to find.

Next, find a domain name registrar and search for your intended domain name.

You can do this on our website and get started immediately. Once you’ve determined that the name is available, you can choose a suitable extension such as .com, .com.au, .net etc.

Finally, purchase a subscription through the domain name registrar.

And there you have it. Your domain is registered, and you have claimed your website.


Why does it even matter in digital marketing?

Registering your domain name is the first step in developing a brand.

This is the business name that will help people find you just as webmarketingangels does for us. Having a professional domain provides professional credibility and this is important in digital marketing.

This is how you stand out against similar businesses that have free domain names such as you’ll find on WordPress and Wix,

Having a registered domain name that is unique and cannot be owned by anyone else becomes a direct conduit to you and your business.

It shows that you are a smart business owner who has claimed their professional stance and is also tech savvy. It tells people you know what you are doing.

This is particularly important if a large portion of your business is going to be online.

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Visibility is key for growth

There’s no point marketing an invisible site. By having a registered domain name to utilise branding and credibility, you also increase ranking in search results.

Your digital marketing efforts will further enhance that ranking thus improving visibility.

Therefore it’s so important to know how to increase visibility and ranking of your site through digital marketing or, engage with someone who does.


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The first step is to claim your website by registering your domain. Head over to Search Domain Names and take the first step.

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