Is AI bad for your website?

Google has explained why the use of Chat GPT SEO ranking can detract from the value of your websites.

AI has become wildly popular in recent times, with many using ChatGPT for SEO ranking. While AI has many uses, business owners are using it to replace copywriters, designers, and artists. It’s an easy shortcut, but is it worth it?

What is ChatGPT and SEO rankings?

Before we begin, let’s explain what ChatGPT and SEO ranking actually are. ChatGTP is an AI software that can use prompts to generate any kind of text, pulling on data from the internet. SEO – or search engine optimisation – ranking refers to how high your website shows up in Google.

SEO can be improved by using strong and unique keywords, having a clear audience, and most importantly, creating unique content.

Chat GPT SEO Ranking
Chat GPT SEO Ranking

The problem with ChatGPT and SEO ranking is that text generated by AI software is not original content. AI draws its information from data that is fed to it from existing sources, so any website copy generated from it is taken from somewhere else.

Because Google wants to present its users with the best search results, it is trying to weed out “spammy” content such as that written by bots. This kind of content becomes an issue because anyone can use AI to write copy – regardless of how accurate it is to their website.

Google is also aware that people are manipulating ChatGPT to get a higher SEO ranking, artificially rising to the top of the search results page with no effort. This doesn’t reflect the site’s actual content. It is for these reasons that Google is being trained to distinguish AI-generated and human-made content.


So don’t make the jump to AI-written web copy. Before your content gets marked as spam, hire real writers and designers for your website.

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