Lovers of the West Coast of America, lovers of burgers and lovers of both need to check out one of the websites for Web Marketing Angels – California Burgers.


What’s so special about California Burgers? Well, it could be their trendy joint, their passion for fresh, delicious ingredients or the fact they’re open when you’re hungry… we think it’s mainly that their burgers are seriously amazing.


Conveniently located in Chapel St, across from Windsor station, California Burgers tell us they’ve been perfecting their burgers since 2009. We think they can stop now! Melt in your mouth patties, fresh salad and American cheese is where it starts. Depending on your order, the extras and options include anything from pineapple to pink mayo. Their unique menu includes a range of fare with names that leave you in no doubt of the origins. As well as the East LA, Malibu and Venice burgers, the menu also includes souvlaki, grilled chicken, saganaki and sides. There’s even a burger-less burger, the Calabasas. We know right! It’s a burger without a bun – instead wrapped with fresh and crispy lettuce.

California Burgers Website

These guys are well aware that a craving for some salty goodness can occur at any-time, particularly the early hours of the morning. So, as a community service California Burgers are open until 4 am on Friday and Saturday nights to ensure partygoers don’t starve on their way home. Owners Theo and Rosemary’s affinity with California lends this place a cool, authentic vibe that draws you in before handing you the freshest, tastiest burger you’ll find this side of the meridian.

The new California Burgers website needed to get people craving their delicious fare at first glance. We’re pretty sure after reading this article you’ll have built up a craving for an all-American handful of heartwarming comfort food.

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