For decades now, Internet Explorer has been the primary way to access the internet.

But as of June 2022, that all changed thanks to Microsoft.



As of 2022 Internet Explorer was dropped by Microsoft.

The program was slowly overshadowed by other web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

As technology dominates more of our work and personal lives, more old internet favorites will start to disappear as well.


In the late 1900s to early 2000s, Internet Explorer was synonymous with internet access.

And because there was little to no competition, no one had any reason to use anything else.

From 1995 to 2014, Microsoft’s internet browser held the majority of the web browser market. But it wasn’t long before it was overtaken by browsers like Chrome and Safari, which were more intuitive, included more features, and created a better user experience overall.

But it quickly became clear that Microsoft’s browser would soon become obsolete, as popular as it had been.


But it wasn’t just its users’ opinions that signaled the end of the Internet Explorer era.

Microsoft set it up for failure when it released a new browser: Edge.

Now that all support has dropped from their program, Microsoft advises that all users will now be redirected to Edge.


Updated software will no longer support Internet Explorer at all – this includes removing the icons from the desktop.

You might be wondering: If Internet Explorer disappears, where do all of my tabs, favourites, and passwords go?

Not to worry – Microsoft Edge will import data from their old browser so you don’t lose any of this important information.

Edge’s IE Mode serves as a legacy server so that the transition can be smoother for you.


So what do you need to do now?

The switch from Internet Explorer to Edge will be taken care of for you, so the most important thing is that you and your employers understand how to use it.

Communicate with your team so you can seamlessly move into your new web browser without any hassle.


When software that you’ve used for a long time is retired, it can be stressful.

If you need an updated website or landing page to keep up with the change from Internet Explorer, get in touch with Web Marketing Angels today.