Black Buick Wedding Cars specialises in renting vintage Buicks for weddings, events, tours, and more.

Web Marketing Angels created a small website design for Black Buick Wedding Cars to help them build their online marketing presence.

The transport company boasts three different Buick models, each with a distinctive character epitomising the class and sophistication of the era. Furthermore, Black Buick Wedding Cars vehicles are driven by professional chauffeurs providing high-class service making big days feel that extra bit special.

Black Buick Wedding Cars - Small Website Design

The small website design was designed to reflect the aesthetic of the cars themselves. This was achieved through a sporty, high-impact black, red, and white colour scheme alongside an elegant logo, sleek design, and gorgeous high-quality images. The Home page further succinctly lays out all the necessary service information in a streamlined brochure design, including model type, booking information, testimonials, contact details, and more. This simplicity prevents users from becoming overwhelmed while still able to fully understand the services on offer.

Complementing the Home page is a Vehicles page diving deeper into the characteristics, attributes, and features of each Buick wedding car. This includes explanations on seating and interior arrangements alongside images illustrating how each Buick appears at a typical wedding. There is also a Latest Rides page with updated blogs on wedding news and rides, allowing visitors to see real life examples of the Buicks in action while assuring them of service quality and reliability.

One additional notable feature is the comprehensive Booking page added for convenient, hassle-free online booking. Customers can enter details like wedding dates, names, locations, and more to provide Black Buick Wedding Cars with all the data they need to design a quote and begin preparation. If customers would rather directly get in touch with the company, the business address, phone number, and email address are also listed for additional convenience.

With a sleek, compact website powered by an extensive booking form, it’s now easier than ever for people in Melbourne to discover the charm of Black Buick Wedding Cars and book one for their wedding or event!

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