Best Couriers to Use for Business Shipping

One of the most common questions we have been asked lately by clients is about product shipping, wanting to know the Best Couriers to Use for their businesses.

With many companies shifting from in-person selling to online sales, product delivery has become an even bigger factor than ever before. This raises the question: “What are the best couriers to use to get your products from A to B as quickly and safely as possible?”

Whether you sell directly from your website, or via eBay or another third party merchant facility, it is important to work out the best couriers to use and ensure your shipping game is as good as it can possibly be.

Check out some of the questions we have received from clients below. These might help you with your own decisions!

I want to sell products on eBay and am interested in who to use to deliver them.

The choice really is yours. Delivery costs can vary for any number of reasons, and when it comes to choosing the best couriers to use for your business, price is clearly going to be a factor.

Simplicity, saving time and reliability are also important. If you are wanting to streamline your workflow, MyPost Business by Australia Post can be linked to your eBay account, allowing you to print labels and manage shipping from one location.


Best Couriers to Use
Does Australia Post pick up goods from me every day or once a week?

Businesses can take advantage of MyPost Business, an Australia Post service designed to make order fulfillment simpler. Within this facility is a “pick up at the door” service, but as with all services you should check how these apply with your local area.

I have heard Australia Post is very slow at the moment. Is that true?

There are some delays with deliveries in general at the moment, mostly due to the increase in demand due to COVID-19 and a boost in online sales. Melbourne-based businesses have experienced some significant delays, but these seem to be easing with the lifting of restrictions, even as we head into the Christmas period.

I am not able to take the goods to the post office due to not having a Van and not willing to handle the goods due to a bad knee. Am I better off using a Courier?

There are many great reasons to engage a door-to-door service for your business shipping. Health is one of those reasons. Whether you choose Australia Post, Sendle, or another courier service, it pays to research pricing and ask for feedback from other businesses in your area.

I have been recommended Border Express, Trista Transport, Parcel Net, Toll Express and TNT. Do they pick up every day?

Most courier companies have a lot of flexibility around pickup days, but this can vary from one area to another – it can even vary between suburbs. Reliability around delivery times and careful handling can also fluctuate within transport companies. Your service agreement, or plan, with any courier will also play a big role when it comes to pickup cycles.

Can I link shipping services to my website?

This is something that has really boomed recently, and you’ll find more companies will add this feature in coming years. We do know that Australia Post and Toll have plugins that integrate with your website. If this is something that is important to you, it is wise to shop around when researching service providers, and check online for reviews from other businesses to see how well these function out there in the real world!


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