When Balloontree Australia approached us, Web Marketing Angels built the business a bubbly Melbourne Website Design bursting with information!

Balloontree Australia sells helium-free, permanent “balloon tree” setups. These vibrant displays are available in a multitude of selected colours and are designed to make a splash at events or as a permanent fixture in showrooms, car yards, retail outlets, and more. They are eye-catching, easy-to-assemble, and come with an all-in-one assembly kit. Best of all, unlike regular balloons, balloon trees are reusable, making the environmental benefits crystal clear.

With such an innovative product, we set about designing a catchy, streamlined website for Balloontree Australia to fittingly showcase their product range alongside uses, available colours, additional gear, prices, and contact details. This is all bolstered by a swathe of images showing off the product and variations, allowing potential customers a comprehensive overview at what they’re purchasing.

Balloontree Australia - Melbourne Website Design

Under the snappy balloon-themed logo, the all-encompassing Home page begins with a banner summarising the business before moving onto the details. As customers scroll down the page, they will receive more information about the balloons collected into succinct, clear-cut blocks with images, making it very easy to absorb despite the sizable quantity. The Home page also offers a contact form, email address, and phone number (linked to a connected device), allowing customers multiple ways to contact Balloontree Australia.

Also on the Home page is a News section with frequently updated blogs showcasing Balloontree Australia clients and how they’ve used balloon tree marketing. This offers authentic, current examples of the company’s growth in the community. There is also a demonstration video acting as a helpful reference for customers seeking to properly set up their trees.

As the product itself is fairly straightforward, we wanted to avoid creating a website with lots of separate pages and links. All necessary information should be on one page, saving clicks and preventing users from feeling bombarded. There are just three additional pages: a Gallery page to browse through the latest Ballontree works; a Brochure page to download the Balloontree Australia brochure, and a Contact Us page, which is linked to the contact us section at the bottom of the Home page.

Beautiful colour palette…

We crafted the colour scheme and layout of the website to also be as eye-catching and jovial as the product itself. This was largely achieved through the use of a light, fluffy colour gradient of pink to blue backed by white alongside a light blue header with blue/black text.

With the website acting as a fun and catchy virtual showroom for Balloontree Australia, we’re certain that their customer base will increase as the benefits of their innovative products spread across Australia.

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