The Australasian Furnishing Association (AFA) is now boasting brand-new, cleverly designed and super slick website design Australia that features user-friendliness and information organisation.

As outlined on the website, the Australasian Furnishing Association seeks to represent, support, and promote all facets of the Australasian furnishing industry and its international supply chain and individuals therein. Businesses who join the AFA will receive extensive support, allowing them to thrive and compete through AFA’s government and industry advocacy and lobbying. This is bolstered by extensive training programs, business services, provision of materials and components, certifications, importers/exporters, and more, helping furnishing businesses form a robust, stable workforce to stay relevant in the ever-changing industry. 

Being such an important organisation with a wide network and membership, the Web Marketing Angels team sought to create Melbourne website design that contained as much information as possible neatly organised into clear, easy-to-understand sections. Each section contains several subsections further breaking down the organisation’s huge network of information. This design ensures that all facets of work undertaken by the Australasian Furnishing Association work is covered without overwhelming users, culminating in a pleasant experience that guarantees they’ll find what they are looking for.

Australasian Furniture Association - Website Design Australia

Some of the individual website sections include:

  • Services: An overview of AFA services broken down into sections detailing member benefits, timber information, sustainability, and more.
  • Events & Awards: Showcasing the different awards offered by the AFA in furnishing design, along with award criteria and a photo gallery.
  • Members: A more detailed overview of AFA member benefits along with links to join, accredited supplier info, resources, benefits, and more.
  • News: A portal for the latest news across each facet of the AFA, including Worldwide, CEO, Corporate, Design, Media Releases, and Members Bulletins. 
  • Career Hub: A portal for job seekers wanting to work within the furnishing industry to find potential positions. In addition to the job board, there are also approved courses, education and training, and much more to be found here.  
  • Shop: The online show allows you to purchase your own AFA membership along with entry to the ACE awards, several important industry reports and manuals, and more.
  • About: Contains all the fundamental information about the AFA itself, including contact info, partners and ambassadors, feedback, history, and news.
  • Videos: A wealth of free informational videos exploring various elements of the industry, including the modern icons of the Australian furnishing industry. 

Needless to say, for anyone looking to stay up to date with the latest developments and trends in the Australasian furnishing industry, the AFA website has got you covered.

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Australasian Furniture Association - Website Design Australia
Australasian Furniture Association - Australian Website Design