The ABA, or Australian Balustrade Association, is an association dedicated to protecting the industry and ensuring safety – and now they do so with a new Construction Website Design.

Improving safety and integrity is the main priority of the ABA. The Australian Balustrade Association has a vision that involves creating national guidelines and certification for design, safety, and testing standards – all of which will unify the balustrade industry.

The Australian Balustrade Association is a membership-based organisation. Through the support of members, they can achieve their vision, provide resources and a vast array of services to support businesses and individuals.

ABA - Australian Balustrade Association - Construction Website Design

For this construction website design, a clean structure was important for making the content easier to organise and navigate. As a result, there are a number of pages, each with a specific purpose. While the website has the standard Home, About, News and Contact pages, there are also some that are unique to the ABA’s website. This includes a Resources page with material for safe work practices, a Business Services page, a Find a Supplier page, a Membership information and application pages, and an FAQ page.

The design itself complements the metallic tones logo, with a focus on blue and gold hues. With comprehensive content that provides detailed info and guidance for companies and operators within the balustrade industry.

Additional features on the Home page include a link to a survey, as well as subscription to the ABA’s newsletter.

With a clean graphic design element and huge functionality at the back end of the website, this design is one to take note of!

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ABA - Australian Balustrade Association - Association Website Design
ABA - Australian Balustrade Association - Construction Industry Website Design