The latest website for Web Marketing Angels – A Touch of Silver – implies elegance, smooth sophistication and classic style.

Hire a limousine with the reliable team at A Touch of Silver and this is exactly what you’ll get.

Whether you require a sleek sedan or the space and impact of a stretch limousine, A Touch of Silver can meet your distinguished transport needs at modest price, making this a luxury you can afford.

For individual or small group transport, choose from one of their immaculate sedans. These vehicles are a must for the individual who enjoys travelling in extreme comfort and style. Bluetooth stereo, leather interiors and DVD player can all be enjoyed while being chauffeur-driven to your destination. This choice of vehicle is appropriate for VIP transfers, corporate events or for anyone looking for a luxury mode of movement. A Touch of Silver is booked regularly for winery tours throughout the stunning countryside surrounding Melbourne, or for sightseeing jaunts along the coastal roads.

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Of course, if your event is grander or your party larger, a stretch limousine will be what you are looking for. Perfectly suited for weddings and other celebrations, a stretch limousine is the ultimate statement in luxury with all the elements for a smashing good time. Champagne and soft drink bar, mood lighting and leading-edge sound system create a wonderful ambience and is an excellent way to add something extra special to an occasion. A private driver, umbrellas and red carpet are standard with all vehicles although trust us, they feel anything but ‘standard’.

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The quality of these cars and the excellent customer service makes the whole experience of arranging a limousine a pleasure from start to finish. If you have an idea or an event planned, or want to surprise someone special, contact A Touch of Silver. It’s an outstanding way to ensure luxury, stylish travel at an affordable price.

Their new website is the perfect complement to their gorgeous cars and exceptional service.  If you are looking for a new website for your business, or a digital marketing solution, get in touch with the expert team at Web Marketing Angels.