Targeted Brochure Sites, like the sites WMA recently created for Ms Lexi and Celestial Band, are highly effective digital marketing tools.

You see, when it comes to website marketing there is no single way that is best, but a multi-faceted approach works wonders. Just check out the latest brochure sites for Ms Lexi and Celestial Band.

Ms Lexi and Celestial Band know how to turn any wedding or event into an unforgettable evening. With a variety of band and duo configurations to choose from, and a load of different music styles, your entertainment needs are sorted. Having different services on offer and covering areas all over Melbourne, dedicated brochure sites were a great addition to their marketing strategy.

Brochure Sites - Ms Lexi and Celestial Band

Location location location

Good SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about location. When you’re looking to attract new clients for your business, you really want them to be close by. The bigger net tossed out randomly to sea doesn’t always catch the best fish!

Once you know your target audience and where they are located, you can use location-focussed brochure websites to attract potential clients from the right locations.

While servicing the Melbourne area, Ms Lexi and Celestial Band also wanted to target the Yarra Valley area, known as one of the prime wedding destinations in Victoria. Web Marketing Angels created a Yarra Valley Wedding Singers site to reach couples looking for wedding entertainment in this area.

Snapping up the domain was the first step in creating the brochure site, followed by a design that was consistent with their main website design.

Brochure sites with a service focus

In addition to location, brochure websites that clearly define particular services make for brilliant marketing tools. Celestial Band provides acoustic duo services as well as piano singer entertainment.

As you can see, the Acoustic Duos Melbourne and Piano Singer Melbourne sites target audiences on both service and location levels.

These great domain names were also secured, and we’re sure you’ll agree were a great win for the band –  and

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Brochure Websites - Ms Lexi and Celestial Band
Latest Websites - Piano Singer Melbourne