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Social Media is often a utilized several times a day for most people as they go about their lives. Checking in with friends, getting the latest gossip and even knowing what people are doing and eating has become a strong trend in society today. In recent times it has evolved to become so much more.  It has developed as most people’s primary source for daily news, advertisements and goods and services across multiple platforms. That’s why putting your business in the forefront of the Social Media Management and Marketing boom is a key factor to the success of a modern business and its website.

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks. By constantly creating and sharing content and imagery on social media, you will help boost your marketing goals for your business.

Social media marketing is closely related to search engine marketing, as they both use the online world as a way to usually organically gain exposure and attention.

However, SEO and SMM differs in several ways. Primarily, SMM focuses on gaining traffic from social media, not necessarily search engines, and uses online word of mouth, good marketing strategies, tagging and sometimes paid advertising to get recognition.  SEO primarily focuses on search engine optimization and using keyword strategies to organically boost rankings on a search results page. However, enhancing your web presence through SEO, will garner sustained online growth. Organic search results, through SEO, are 8.5x more likely to be viewed than paid ads.

But, by combining both SMM and SEO, you will gain exposure from a multitude of sources, rather than just a few. Social media marketing also plays on the technique of ‘viral marketing’ meaning that by generating more word-of-mouth and constantly sharing content images and videos with create that ‘viral factor’ – where one online share can lead to a branch of ‘shares, ‘likes’ and views, very much like a domino effect.

Social media marketing is considered an important & essential part of an online reputation management (ORM) for businesses who care about their online presence and want to become closer to their clients and customer base.

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